Vétérans de l’Armée de l’Air Khmère
Khmer Air Force Veterans

Once in a while, we post some news related to the Khmer Air Force Veterans, their families, their friends and their former brothers in arms, the Cambodian Veterans in general. For more about us, visit www.khmerairforce.com

The Veterans become fewer and fewer but as long as the memory remains, the spirit can survive for centuries. The brotherhood has to be kept; between us, between the Free Cambodians.

Aviation Royale Khmère (1954-1970)

Uniform's flag
Armée de l’Air Khmère (1970-1975)

Our last insignia, our last banner. Embroidered on our uniform; engraved in our soul. It is not the drawing of the flag that matter but the spirit. We flew and fight for democracy; for a free Khmer country; for Cambodia.




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