Cambodia Town’s Team – Founders. City of Long Beach, California

Nine years ago, on August 19th, 2001, the Cambodia Town Initiative Task Force started a 6 years process and petition to make the Mayor, City councils and all of the stake holders in the whole city of Long Beach, to officially recognize a “Cambodian town”.

Thanks to Harrison T.S. Lee AKA Ly, Sam Bunny, Khmer Air Force Veteran and his team, among whom, many Cambodian Veterans and families, Cambodia Town came true on July 3rd, 2007.

KAFV/CV did and will always support Cambodian communities.
Below, the 10 Team-Founders: Cambodia Town-Initiative Task Force Rev3-7-03-07

Cambodia Town Team-Founders

(left to right) (1) Pasin Chanou; Computer Science (Kong Chhay Hong (7 Promo) nephew in Law and Ngann Kim Sour (8A) brother in Law); (2) Rosana Chanou, Computer Science (Kong Chhay Hong (7 Promo)’s niece and Ngaan Kim Sour (8A) sister in law; (3) David Kar, Boeing Engineer; (4) Attorney Solange Kea, daughter of Khmer Army veteran; (5) Annie Ho Lee, Northrop finance; (6) Harrison T.S. Lee, AKA Ly, Sam Bunny, Boeing Engineer and Khmer Air Force Veteran; (7) Dr. Morakod Lim, M.D, (8) Kenneth T. So, Boeing Engineer (Khmer Air Force/Cambodian Veteran family); (9) Phillip Thong, CPA; (10) Vuthy So, Chemical Science (Khmer Army veteran family)