Reunion 2010

Almost 500 people attended the Reunion… ! Program- Reunion-2010
At the main Dinner, the restaurant was over the maximum capacity to host the 450 registered guests plus dozens more last minute guests who were able to come even after the opening ceremony. For the veterans, there are always open arms and room left for former comrades-in-arms, their instructors (American, Tawainese…) their friends and relatives.

After 35 years of separation, it was all excitement and emotions. (photos)
A successful Reunion! A tremendous job preparation done by the KAF Veterans Reunion Committee of California for all the other veterans from the US, Cambodia, Canada, France…

  • A word from the Committee Chairman :  Luong Sar
    “…we can prove to the world that we stay strong and united. For many years to come, it will be a legacy for the young generation.”


–   So Satto : English (translation), Français (traduction)

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The new Organization Committee will debate on the year and location of the next Reunion.

Best Wishes to all.

Geneva, July 15, 2010
ps: below are the information and registration forms posted by the committee.


The 2010 Reunion will take place in California, July 10th. All relatives and friends are welcome to this renewal. If you plan to spent holidays at Las Vegas, Disneyland, California… then come and join us. Diner, picnic, workshops… more information …




For those of you who haven’t been to Long Beach or Southern California, let me take you to a tour to this small world. Long Beach, AKA the little Phnom-Penh is a city in the Los Angeles county, California. It is housing to about 50,000 Cambodians. So it’s fair to say is the most concentrated Cambodian people in the world, beside Cambodia. Even on the street of Long Beach like Anaheim street has the signs in Cambodian characters. There are more than 10 Cambodian Buddist temples, 4-5 Cambodian news papers, 5 big restaurants accompanied by live bands and lots of smaller ones,hundreds of Cambodian small businesses etc… There are foods for every nationalities in the world. The average temperature in July is about 90ºF or 30ºC. It is dry and the chance of rain is almost 0%.

-Disneyland is less than 10 miles away. Regular ticket priced of about $70 per day, but we can always find a coupon or discount tickets some how.

-Hollywood studio is about 20 miles to the north. Regular ticket is about $60 per day. Also there is a deal for Californians which is a lot cheaper.

-Las Vegas is less than 300 miles to the north. The older hotels like Circus Circus, Flamingo, Riviera, Bally, Stratosphere, Sahara etc… are in the $30 range per day on a week day. The more luxurious ones like Paris, Bellagio, Venetian, Monte Carlo, Wynn, Caesars Palace etc…are close to $100 on a week day and over on a weekend. The bad thing about Las Vegas in July is very hot. I mean it’ over 100ºF. You can fly there, but driving takes only 4-5 hours. There is also a free bus, but you have to come back in the evening, no fun!

-Sea World and Zoo in San Diego is about 100 miles to the South. San Francisco is 400 miles to the north.

-Beside, there are lots of smaller attractions in the Los Angeles area like Six Flag Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farms, Legoland, Water park, Aquarium, lots of beaches and shopping malls etc…

La Lune restaurant is about one mile from downtown Long Beach. To have an idea, there is a hotel near by, just across the street and one block away. In the registration form, specify the number of room. We will contact you and make reservations. For more information about hotel and transportation: Program  Reunion-2010

If you have any questions, Email or send to any one of us here. We’ll be glad to help.

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