Remembering the brotherhood, the fallen, and those who are now gone ; remembering the ideal of a democratic Cambodian country despite the vissicitudes of the events, the Cambodian Veterans will never forget.

Remembering March 18th, 1975
Tuesday, March 18th 2014,

Remembering the KAF brotherhood
Saturday Jul 26th, 2014,
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Our Flight Surgeon, Col SO Satta, is gone

Dear KAFV,

I just received a very sad news; Professor So, Satta passed away today, Thursday, 27 February, 2014 at Lyon, FRANCE.
Khmer Air Force Veterans want to pay our sincere respects and thanks to Professor for all he has done for us and our country throughout his whole career and his lifetime. It is a big loss for all of us and our poor people in Cambodia.
We pray for his soul rest in eternal peace.
With our deepest sympathy,
Kalmine Ly

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La cérémonie d’incinération se déroule au funérarium du Cimetière du Grand Lyon, ce jour Mercredi 05 Mars 2014.


La cérémonie religieuse se déroule à la Pagode khmère de l’Association des Bouddhistes Bouddhisahapan, 61 rue des Sources, Saint-Genis Laval; association dont le Professeur SO Satta était ancien président cofondateur.

Les vétérans et familles de vétérans de l’Armée de l’Air Khmère (KAF) ont perdu le Médecin militaire, aviateur, scientifique rigoureux et patriote khmer, qui a lutté pour essayer de rendre son pays plus démocratique, moderne, et exempt de corruptions.


We, Khmer Air Force Veterans family and community, we do lost our last Flight Surgeon, the airman and rigorous scientist, the Khmer patriot who dreamed and fought for a democratic, modern and corruption-free Khmer country.