Almost 500 people attended the Reunion!   more

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The countdown has begun. For those coming from the currently scorching areas (East coast, Europe…) the weather at Long-Beach would be partly cloudy and the temperature as nice as 74°F / 25°C

Above all expectations, around 400 people will be attending the reunion.

The KAF Veterans Committee of California is looking forward to seeing you.

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Reunion-2010 update

– Children….
Of course, they are welcome. We fixed $80 per person for 3 day event. DINNER PARTY, PICNIC, and WORKSHOP but children under 18 are 50% off ($40)

Gen. So Satto and family will attend KAFVR 2010

Dear Sir,
It is my great privilege and honor to receive confirmation of your participation in our KAFV Reunion 2010 in Long Beach, California USA. On behalf of the committee,
I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your support and generosity.
Because of your commitment, I have no doubt that our Reunion will be a success.
I am enthusiastically looking forward to seeing you and your family in July 2010.
Luong Sar (
P.S. Your total donation to our KAFVR is $400 US Dollar   
—– Original Message —–
From: So Satto
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 7:00 AM
Subject: KAFV REUNION 2010
Cher Lok Luong Sar,
Par WESTERN UNION-BANK, je vous envoie 570 us Dollars :
320 dollars pour 4 reunions tickets.
 60 dollars pour 4 designers caps.
 90 dollars pour 6 t-shirts ( 3S et 3M ).
100 dollars : donation.
En renouvelant mon admiration pour l’organisation de votre travail, je vous prie d’accepter mes sincères remerciements et mes sentiments distigués.


Don’t forget to book the next Reunion in July 2010

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