Dear friends and members,
Another sad news be felled on our Cambodian Veterans community. Former KAF Col. Thach Hang, passed away yesterday Sunday Sep.13,2015, in Alabama after a long coma.
Cambodian Veterans wants to express our sincere and deepest condolences to the friends and family of the deceased.

We pray for his soul rest in peace.
With our heartfelt sympathy,
Cambodian Veterans

PS: below is the email received yesterday from Col. Um Hak.

On Sep 13, 2015, at 2:43 PM, hak um <>

With profound sadness I have to inform you Mr. President and all CV members….
Air Force Colonel THACH, HANG aka JERRY HANG
03,06,1935 – 09,13,2015
Passed away at Providence Hospital

Funeral service:
Azalea City Funeral Home
690 Zeigler Cir. W.Mobile, AL36 608. Phone: (251) 639 1272
Sat. Sep.19,2015 from 6:00P – 9:00P View casket.
Sun. Sep. 20,2015 from 9:00A – 3:00P Procedure ending up with cremation.

Thach Hang (middle)

Thach Hang (middle), 1960, in a training session in the US

Col Thach Hang was the Chief of the Technical Dpt at Pochentong AB.
May he rest in peace and join his wife.
Mrs Thach Hang passed away a month ago.

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