Reunion 2018

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Khmer Air Force Veterans Reunion 2018
October 26-27


We remember

Nelson Tav, (559) 681-9939

Ngann Kim Suor, (562) 276-8220



Colonel Mom Kamel


KAF_Class1-MomKamelGraduation day 1955. Cadet MOM Kamel (first row, first from the right)

Serving the Country
Serving the Khmer Air Force, fom the beginning 1954 to the end 1975
Colonel Mom Kamel passed away on April 6th, 2016. He was 88 years old.
He was Battambang Deputy Airbase Commander.


“La communauté des Vétérans de l’Air Khmers déplore la perte du Colonel, Leader et Patriote MOM Kamel. Nous présentons nos condoléances à sa famille.”


Traditional Buddhist service will be held in his memory on Sunday, April 10, 2016  from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The Buddhist service will take place at 1108 NE 151st Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684.

Right after the Buddhist service held at my home on Sunday, there will be a funeral service for him  at Evergreen Memorial Gardens, 1101 NE 112th Ave, Vancouver, WA. The funeral service will begin at 3:00 PM.




Remembering the brotherhood, the fallen, and those who are now gone ; remembering the ideal of a democratic Cambodian country despite the vissicitudes of the events, the Cambodian Veterans will never forget.

Remembering March 18th, 1975
Tuesday, March 18th 2014,

Remembering the KAF brotherhood
Saturday Jul 26th, 2014,
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Congratulations 2012

Sothavy Norodom

Miss Sothavy Serei Norodom (right). She received her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology from California State University of Long Beach in 2012.

Seda Norodom

Miss Seda Serei Norodom,
-B.A. in political Science and Spanish from University of California, Davis in 2005
-Juris Doctor from University of California, Hastings college of Law in 2009
She passed the California Bar Exam 2012!

To both, Congratulations !

Sothavy and Seda are daughters of Norodom Vatvani; former RCAF General and former Khmer Air Force Colonel.

Cambodian Veterans Day 2011

Dear Friends and Members,

This year Veterans Day will fall on a lucky Friday, 11, 11, 2011. Every year we organized a fund raising ceremony by holding a Veterans Night Party. It’s a good time for all of us to chat and share the family and health situation together. Cambodian Veterans wants to take this opportunity to invite you to come and see each other once again during our golden years. Please refer to the attachment for date, time and place. Cambodian-Veterans_Day 2011. pdf

Sincerely yours,

Kalmine Ly CV Chair

Book in khmer

Former pilots Tav Kim Chhorn (Nelson) and Sok Buntha published a souvenir book in Khmer. They did a huge translation task with the help of a small team. After going to press, new information were received but we hope this book will bring a lot more contributions from readers and new readers living in Cambodia; particularly veterans with whom we have not yet been able to reach so far.

Cambodge Aviation - Livre souvenir

Buntha Sok ; Nelson Tav

Les anciens pilotes Tav Kim Chhorn (Nelson) et Sok Buntha ont édité un album souvenir en Khmer. Avec une petite équipe, ils ont effectué un énorme travail de traduction. Après la mise sous presse, de nouvelles informations ont été reçues mais nous espérons que ce livre va susciter davantage encore de contributions de la part de lecteurs et nouveaux lecteurs du Cambodge; en particulier des vétérans résidant là-bas et dont nous n’avons pas pu prendre contact.


Memory an Hope

As time goes by, the veterans are getting fewer. Nothing can be done about this.
At the same time, the memory is more than ever precious. The spirit is getting stronger. The brotherhood is growing. As long as we stay united, nothing can change this very fact.

2010 saw several veterans gone for ever but 2010 was also a year of hope. Did anyone imagine that after a terrible war, after an unprecedented genocide, the KAF veterans survivors were able to reunite after 35 years? After the Big Reunion in July, there were also smaller reunions that took place.

Memory strengthens a community. Communities form a Nation. Knowing the past and the objectives, a Nation can move on forever.