Colonel Norodom Vatvani

Dear Friends and Members,
Another sad news. Former KAF Col. Norodom Vatvani passed away this morning at Calmette Hospital in P.Penh, Cambodia.
Col. Vatvani was the founder and president of our Cambodian Veterans in 1975 at Camp Pendleton, California and we are so sad to hear of his passing. This is a great loss for our Association and Veterans community. He will be forever missed.
We pray for his soul rest in eternal peace.

With our deepest sympathy,
Kalmine Ly,
Cambodian Veterans Chairman

Norodom Vatvani

The religious ceremony will be held at temple Wat Than, Phnom-Penh, December, 27th, 2012.


“Vatvani in wheel chair”
He was then with the Cambodian New Government. 
Colonel Vatvani of the Khmer Air Force founded the Cambodian Veterans of the Khmer Republic Armed Forces in the United-States. A few years later, he went back to Cambodia and became Major General in the RCAF.


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